The Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area in cooperation with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation have launched the Discovering Dutch Heritage Event series to help visitors explore all of the Dutch culture offerings along the corridor. The Hudson River Valley represents a major concentration of Dutch related history and resources that are a vital part of New York and American History.

Many New Yorkers credit the British for introducing European settlement, and while the British played a major role in the creation of New York, their settlements in many ways were made possible by the Dutch. It was the Dutch who laid the foundation for what would become some of the most important cities in New York State. The Dutch settlements of Nieuw Amsterdam, Wiltwyck, and Beverwyck created the trade, political stability, economic vitality, and the convergence of cultures upon which the future successful cities of New York, Kingston and Albany were built. Without the contributions of the Dutch three of the major cities of New York may not have prospered and developed the same way. The British would have had no stable, profitable settlements to take over and expand.

The Dutch influence in New York is not solely confined to the economic impact of three cities. The influence can be viewed in architecture along the entire corridor. It is codified in our laws, our foods, even our street names.  This is a history that is not often remembered even though it connects with and lays the foundation for interactions, trade and conflict with Native Peoples, Africans and other European nations.

From May through early October come and experience the lasting legacy of the Dutch in the Hudson River Valley Corridor.  Dutch settlement in the New World set in motion a long history of commerce, conflict and a convergence of cultures that helped shape New York. You can explore this rich history via festivals, cooking demonstrations, lectures and tours. Begin your journey by exploring the calendar listings and attractions below.

Dutch Heritage Events Calendar