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Untermyer Park and Gardens

Region: Lower Hudson Valley
Untermyer Park and Gardens was the private estate of Samuel Untermyer from 1899-1940. Untermyer was a successful lawyer, investor and advocate for progressive causes. The garden was built in 1916 and was called "America's Most Spectacular Garden" in the 1920's by the national press. It had 60 gardeners and 60 greenhouses on 150 acres. Since 1946 a park owned by the City of Yonkers, it has seen a remarkable transformation since 2011 by the Untermyer Gardens Conservancy. The Walled Garden is the finest Persian garden in the Western Hemisphere. The Vista is ornamented with ancient Roman monolithic columns 2000 years old. The Temple of Love is a magnificent rocky garden with multiple waterfalls.
Theme(s): Architecture,Arts, Artists & the Hudson River School,Environment,Landscape and Gardens

Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site

Region: Lower Hudson Valley
Philipse Manor Hall, photo by Ted Spiegel
Philipse Manor Hall contains superb 18th-century woodwork, as well as one of America's earliest decorated plaster ceilings.
Theme(s): Architecture,Revolutionary War

Hudson River Museum

Region: Lower Hudson Valley
The Hudson River Museum is a complex of galleries that present changing art exhibitions; Glenview, a Hudson River home, listed on the National Register of Historic Places; the Planetarium, Westchester County’s only public planetarium; and Hudson Riverama, an environmental gallery.
Theme(s): Architecture,Arts, Artists & the Hudson River School,Environment

St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site

Region: Lower Hudson Valley
The 18th-century church and graveyard the make up St. Paul’s Church include a museum on local events that helped shape the nation.
Theme(s): Architecture,Revolutionary War

Cropsey Home and Studio

Region: Lower Hudson Valley
Jasper Francis Cropsey was a noted Hudson River painter. His house and studio contain an important collection of works by him.
Theme(s): Arts, Artists & the Hudson River School

DeWint House

Region: Lower Hudson Valley
DeWint House served as headquarters for Washington during the American Revolution. The house is also the oldest surviving building in Rockland County.
Theme(s): Revolutionary War

Camp Shanks World War II Museum

Region: Lower Hudson Valley
Camp Shanks Museum commemorates the largest point of embarkation for soldiers headed for the front lines during World War II.
Theme(s): Freedom and Dignity

Washington Irving’s Sunnyside

Region: Lower Hudson Valley
Sunnyside is the charmingly Romantic home of Washington Irving, author of such classics as The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle.
Theme(s): Architecture,Freedom and Dignity,Landscape and Gardens

Albany Pine Bush

Region: Upper Hudson Valley
The 3,300 acre Albany Pine Bush Preserve has a unique combination of ecological (pitch pine - scrub oak barrens) features and rich human history. The Mohawks and Mahicans sold the furs they harvested from the Pine Bush to Europeans at Fort Orange, present day Albany. Both settlers and Native Americans used the "Mohawk Path" later named the Kings Highway, as a travel corridor through the Pine Bush. For centuries, the Albany Pine Bush has provided resources of many different kinds, such as land for farms, sand for glass manufacturing, trees for lumber and posts and was a place for hunting and food gathering.
Theme(s): Environment


Region: Lower Hudson Valley
Photo courtesy of Lyndhurst
Lyndhurst, built 1838 by Alexander Jackson Davis is a Gothic Revival mansion whose 67-acre grounds offer fine views of the Hudson River.
Theme(s): Architecture,Landscape and Gardens