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The Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area has identified a series of themes to help interpret our heritage resources. These themes not only help to interpret individual heritage sites, but also provide interpretation within a larger regional perspective and encourage collaboration between related resources.  These themes are reflected on our website as well as on all brochures and promotional materials.


The major themes of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area are as follows:
  • Architecture: Uniquely-designed structures as well as sites designed by internationally-known architects  
  • Corridor of Commerce:  The region's significant role in industries and the industrial revolution on a national level
  • Freedom and Dignity: Great Americans and social issues that shaped our nation.
  • Art, Artists, and the Hudson River School: Works by internationally-known artists as well as the studios, residences, and galleries associated with the Hudson River School.
  • Landscapes and Gardens: Featuring both formal gardens and landscapes in addition to works by internationally-recognized landscape architects
  • Revolutionary War: Battlefields, headquarters, and related sites that highlight the Hudson Valley’s significant role in the Revolutionary War.
  • Environment: Highlighting the natural resources, significant park lands, and the Hudson Valley’s role as the birthplace of the modern environmental movement