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The Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area was designated by Congress in 1996 and is one of the now  forty-nine federally-recognized National Heritage Areas throughout the United States. Through a partnership with the National Park Service, Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area collaborates with residents, government agencies, non-profit groups and private partners to interpret, preserve and celebrate the nationally-significant cultural and natural resources of the Hudson River Valley. In this way, we encourage public stewardship for these resources as well as economic activity at the local and regional level. The Heritage Area is managed by the Hudson River Valley Greenway


To improve awareness of these resources, we have established a network of designated Heritage Sites, classified by theme and amenities. This network helps us to better interpret the individual sites and also helps us to better interpret the "big picture" story of the entire region and how those individual sites have worked together to shape our national history.


Designated Heritage Sites of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area are those that meet the following criteria: owned and operated by a local, state or federal government or a not-for-profit organization; open and accessible to the public; relevant to at least one of the themes of the Heritage Area; contain interpretive components and a trained staff; offer visitors an incomparable cultural or historical Hudson River Heritage experience.  


Come explore all the Hudson River Valley has to offer!